Why Did Germany Legalize Prostitution

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A number of countries recognize prostitution as a system of exploitation based on gender-based violence and discrimination and, as a result, have enacted laws that only decriminalize prostitutes, provide them with services, while holding buyers of sexual services and other perpetrators accountable for the harm they cause. Jurisdictions that have enacted such laws, known as the Nordic, abolitionist or equality model, include Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Northern Ireland, Canada, France, Ireland and Israel. Germany has adopted a new law on prostitution to combat trafficking and exploitation of human beings. It calls for more control, more regulation and more sanctions – and it is not popular in the prostitution industry. Silvia Vorhauer considers that a registration obligation is an unnecessary measure. “Why can`t women just go to the tax office and register there? Registration with the local government agency leads to stigmatization and criminalization of women,” she says. This step is dangerous, she says, because prostitution could then be forced underground illegally. At a time when many European countries are struggling to combat sexual exploitation on the Internet, the Belgian amendments allow the promotion of prostitution on the Internet, linked to the facilitation of trafficking for sexual purposes through certain websites. German clients seem to understand how abusive prostitution is: “Prostitution only works because men are dominant,” said one. I don`t argue anything, I just tell. As I said in my initial comment, I think this is a complex issue.

I like to explore ideas. You can do whatever you want with it. The aversion to prostitution aroused by Catholic indoctrination seemed greater than the force of her heroin addiction, so one could say that Catholicism saved her. She herself attributed this aversion to Catholic indoctrination. She believed that if she didn`t stop immediately, she would prostitute herself. She had no one left to give him money. He no longer had goodwill and was unable to keep a job. I suspect that the amount of heroin used and the length of the heroin use period both have an impact on the strength of addiction, but I don`t really know. As for her belief that she had lost her aversion to prostitution after she was rehab, I`m not sure she did.

I suspect that rehabilitation had its own ideology in which prostitution is not stigmatized. In any case, it was not a profession she would choose. Although the decriminalisation of the purchase of sexual services has not changed as a result of these changes, sex buyers are likely to benefit from an expanded and oversaturated Belgian prostitution market, both online and offline, with lower prices. The targeted bigotry of sex trafficking, including the categorization of people by sex, size, race, ethnicity, pregnancy status, and gender stereotypes, has significant marketing value for buyers of sexual services. Belgian and German prostitution laws define sex trafficking as a legitimate industry, define people bought there as “workers” or “independent agents,” and classify third-party exploiters as “employers” or bona fide business owners. Belgium and Germany legally define prostitution as a choice of employment, with the promise of access to state services and only to “ethical” brothel managers. As a result of this decriminalization, Germany has become the “brothel of Europe,” as the media calls it, and internationally recognized for enabling organized crime and systematically dehumanizing and sexualizing vulnerable people. Belgium will soon follow the German heritage with its new changes.

Emma magazine criticizes the fact that the prostitution law encourages forced prostitution. Emma`s criticism is part of her critique of prostitution in general. [14] The prostitution system uses this trauma for its own ends and profits. Prostitution can in no way be defined as “work” or “service”. The erogenous and reproductive parts of women`s bodies are too sensitive to be objectified as a working tool. Prostitution can only be practiced in a state of pathological dissociation. The Christmas season in India brings little joy to sex workers. Organized prostitution is illegal and the lockdown measures triggered by the pandemic have hit it hard. Most were left without support and accumulated large debts. Akanksha Saxena reports. In Germany, the 2002 prostitution law introduced full legalization, which classified the sex trade as a form of work and “work like any other.” Pimps became businessmen and women became “sex workers”.

He swept away all post-war restrictions that stated that prostitution “is not prohibited, but . immoral.” And despite government attempts to legalize sex trafficking, virtually no pimps paid taxes: only 44 (out of 80,000) registered prostituted women, even though the law requires it. Since human dignity as a supreme constitutional value (article 1 of the Basic Law) is not at the discretion of the State or even by law, prostitution is still immoral according to some lawyers. [13] In particular, he argues that Paragraph 2 of the ProstG excludes only the objection of immorality and that § 1 speaks only of a “legally effective request”, but does not follow positively that the contract is not immoral or even effective. In addition, the lack of applicability of sexual performance clearly shows that it is still not a normal contract. However, legal relations are ultimately governed by the Prostitution Act. On the other hand, organizations such as the Federal Sexual Services Association (BSD) and Hydra, a counselling and support service, as well as humanitarian organizations such as Sowoldi and Sisters, which help victims of forced prostitution, are against the new law.